Dear Friends,
This is the time of year when we reflect upon our good
work and plan ahead for the future. It has been a
challenging year as we continue to navigate government
budget cuts in Human Services and uncertainty from the
Federal level. We anticipate he coming years will be rocky
at best. And yet… we are motivated by our
accomplishments and energized as we anticipate and
create new possibilities.

Over the past twelve months we expanded our capacity at the CHS organic farm with a greenhouse and hydroponic operation. We now grow fresh produce year-round, sending wholesome and healthy free food to the people we serve. During the summer we participated in the Malden City Community Garden and
encouraged individuals to plant and harvest their own vegetables.

We recognized that a greater number of our individuals were aging-in- place and not participating in day
habilitation due to medical complications. We responded to their needs and created the Aging Day Program,
serving people in their homes and at designated company locations six days per week. Individuals over the age of fifty connect with their each other and their communities through active volunteerism, group activities, events and outings. The group creates meals and desserts for a women’s shelter in Cambridge and offers support and connection to homeless veterans living in a shelter in Somerville.

We have utilized new revenues strictly for program functions and expansion of services. We choose to expand the programs that directly impact the lives of the people we serve. Our general and administrative costs are approximately 9.6%, much less than the industry average of 15%, and we diligently stretch our resources and capabilities to deliver needed services. We navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system to ensure our individuals receive the best care possible. We go above and beyond to create affordable housing opportunities. We ask the deeper questions, go the extra mile and accept even the most
challenging individuals into our services because we believe in the tradition of caring for others. Innovation fuels our imaginations and drives us to create lasting outcomes for the people we serve.

There is so much more we can achieve and we invite you to join with us to be a part of what is possible. By investing in the organization, you are assured that your financial contribution goes directly to expansion of our programs and services. We need your support so please give generously by visiting Our Donations Page. 

Happy Holidays!


Kevin J. Leahy
Executive Director