On May 10, 2018 members of The Arc of Massachusetts conducted their annual meeting and recognized Kevin J. Leahy, Executive Director of The Cooperative for Human Services, Inc. for his industry leadership in the field of human services and his lifelong achievements in sustained advocacy. The Arc of Massachusetts, founded more than 60 years ago, is a charitable organization which represents the interests of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Kevin accepted the Leadership Award and addressed the audience by reminding them of the courage and passion of a small group of families, led by progressive mothers, who dared to envision a very different life for people with developmental disabilities. At a time when only institutionalization was offered, these families stubbornly held to their vision of a more integrated life for their children and refused to give in to social norms. Not only was the ARC born of this spirit, these families created the very building blocks that today support social inclusion for people with all types of disabilities.

Kevin has over thirty years of clinical and management experience in the areas of human services, education and has been a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities. Kevin has held the position of Executive Director at the Cooperative for Human Services since 2000 and had significantly grown the organization into a multi-disciplined, privately-held non-profit company. Kevin is active in the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers and is a past president of the Massachusetts Council of Human Services Providers and the Massachusetts Association of Rehabilitation Providers where he was the recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. Kevin served as a US delegate to the Vatican World Conference on Disabilities and continues his advocacy work through lectures, education and family supports.