We stand in solidarity with people of all abilities, races, backgrounds and origins and support their human and civil rights. It is our mission and legacy as an organization to empower people, particularly those we serve. We honor our employees for their dedication, strong values and great hearts. We commit to looking inward, going to the root of racial issues, to listen, engage in meaningful dialog and push progress forward on inclusion, diversity and equality.

Martin Luther King, Jr. declared, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” Our work has always been based on personal connections and quality of life. We believe change will come about through these personal relationships, through respect for each other and through the acts of uplifting people.

We wish never to forget the horrors and injustices of the past so that we may apply understanding to safeguard our futures.

We call on families, professional colleagues, stakeholders, vendors and other partners to come together and also commit, once and for all, to eradicate institutional racism. There is much work to be done but it is achievable.

Solidarity Statement