Photo of Irene to the left. She looks stressed out while holding her head.Header text states "Rewarding Career?". Quoted text says, "I want to feel more valued with a rewarding career."

Looking for a rewarding career? So was Irene! She was extremely stressed out from her previous job where she felt there was no opportunity to move up the career ladder, no matter how hard she worked.

Irene looks happy as she applies @ CHS through our online application. Header text says "Rewarding career..." She is quoted saying, "I applied for a management position online @ CHS."

She found us, Cooperative for Human Services, Inc. online and looked into our mission. She felt that promoting individuality and empowering others was right up her alley. Our mission aligns with her goals! And of course, becoming a valued team member was a win-win in her book.

Irene is smiling and appears happier. Header exclaims, "Rewarding Career!". Irene says, "I am now truly valued @ CHS, a company that cares."

Stop by our careers page and give Katie a call at (781)879-9339. Ask us about available roles

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