Samuel is shown with the back of his head resting on his raised arms. He's frustrated. The header text says, "Making a Difference?" while he's quoted as saying, "I want to make a difference through my career." Samuel has always felt the need to make a difference. He valued uplifting others throughout his life and and thought, why not through his career as well?

He took a giant leap of faith and applied to a role in management with us, Cooperative for Human Services! Our online application was easy to fill, giving him some confidence along the way. Now he has a place to make a difference.

All of our staff are hardworking folks who want to make a change in themselves and others. It’s about empowerment for our clients AND our team members.

Want to make a difference, too? Better yet, do you want to be THE difference, too? We value supporting each other, responsibility, ethics, and learning. Check out more of our mission and to see if we’re a perfect fit for you.

Samuel is pictured on his laptop applying to role at Cooperative For Human Services. The header says, "Make a Difference..." and he's quoted as saying, "I applied online at CHS, a company that cares for others."

Samuel is smiling ear-to-ear! The header states, "I am the Difference!" and he's said that "Now I AM te difference. and happier."

If you’re interested in joining us, please check out our Careers Page or call (781)879-9339 and ask for Katie!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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