Malaika looks frustrated and contemplative. The header text asks, "Feel like you belong?". This is followed by a quote from Malaika, "I need a more engaging work life. I need more." Malaika is smiling and enjoying life. The header text exclaims, "My World Changed!" Malaika is quoted having said, "At CHS my talents are recognised and I finally have more."Malaika was in a position where she didn’t feel like she fit in well or belonged. Work was always the same and not engaging. It felt like her work often went unrewarded. She wanted to be part of something bigger and do more for her community!

Malaika found us, Cooperative at Human Services, and decided to give Katie a call to discuss the roles available. Management roles here piqued her interest so she applied, eager to transition to a new part of her life.

We’re so excited to have passionate people like Malaika join our team and give back Malaika is on the phone. Header text states, "I need to change..." while she is quoted as saying ,"I gave Katie at C H S a call to apply for a management role."to the community. Here, we recognized the time, care, and effort our employees put in!

See yourself in a role that can support your local community, too? Join us @ CHS! We’d love to discuss the opportunities we have available with you. Call Katie at (781)879-9339. Begin your online application on our Careers Page Here. Follow our social media and blog for other stories! Instagram | Facebook | Twitter