Introducing Our New Vice President of Programs and Services

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During the darkest moments of the pandemic our organization was still finding unique ways to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families, expanding and developing supports, services and programs.¬†With the continually increasing demand for support services and for expansion, to strengthen and to position the organization for future growth and to meet the challenges ahead, it was determined by the CHS Executive leadership team together with the CHS Board of Directors, that a new leadership position was necessary and would be added.¬†That decision led to a national search, led by a third-party recruitment agency. The search presented several strong candidates giving the leadership team a solid assortment of leaders to select from. We are excited to introduce Amy Miner-Fletcher, from Massachusetts. Amy joined CHS as Vice…
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CHS Heroes, Recognized

As we continue to navigate through our new normal, we are hearing some great stories about our CHS Team that we think are worth sharing. We will continue to post stories as we learn about them. We honor our employees, our heroes, for their dedication, strong values and great hearts. We think you will too. Maintenance Team: Peter Chappelle, Devin Ibanez, Tim Nihan, Leo Rosa On a typical week, our CHS Maintenance Team includes Peter and Devin. Responsibilities range from all types of indoor and outdoor work that can include painting, moving furniture and everything in between. All that changed in March 2020. The Maintenance Team transitioned into our Covid-19 Team doubling in size with a more critical, focused role. Led by Ed Napier, Director of Maintenance, the team brought…
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