Sofia, like many other of our staff, shares a similar story. She often worked long hours to make ends meet. Although it was tiring, she would do her best and put in all of her effort in the hopes of moving up the ladder bit by bit. Unfortunately, her work was never recognized here, leaving her to believe that it was time to create a new path where she could continue to learn and grow from. To her, it was a sign to change careers.

Sofia found out about us through our ads. She decided to apply online and followed up with one of our team members, Katie, through the phone.

Through our talk with Sofia, we found that she was interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or social work. She felt that working with us would put her a step in that direction! Even better to her was the fact that we provide training to our new staff members!

Looking for a new field to make a career out of? Want to know more about us at Cooperative for Human Services? Give us a call at (781)879-9339 to see if we’re a good fit for you. If you’re ready to apply, fill out the online application on the careers page here: Careers Page Here.

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