CHS has a history of successful collaborations with local and state, private and public organizations to provide coordinated health, mental health, wellness, and medical services for the people we serve. We utilize community-based visiting nurses, allied health organizations and mental health providers in conjunction with each person’s primary care physician, psychiatrist and/or network of specialists.

Our Director of Healthcare Services, a Registered Nurse, Director of Clinical Services, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the other members of the CHS Leadership Team oversee all clinical, medical and mental health services for CHS. They work closely with the MA Department of Developmental Services nursing staff and crisis team, as well as community mental health providers, including psychiatric, behavioral health and substance abuse providers.

As a qualified and experienced provider of specialized services for adults with multiple disabilities who need intensive health care, medical and clinical services, CHS has successfully transitioned many individuals who formerly lived in nursing homes, residential schools and other long term care facilities into community based residential services. Our specialized services include:

Comprehensive Health Support Services

  • Individually designed
  • Adapted for home-life
  • Ongoing, direct feedback from individual & family
  • Coordinated with the person’s medical and support teams
  • Continually evaluate skilled nursing needs
  • Collaborate with allied community services

Nursing & Health Plans

  • Based upon diagnoses & associated risks
  • Include health promotion strategies for home-living.
  • Regularly assess needs for adaptive equipment & assistive technology
  • Identify specific roles & responsibilities of the medical and support teams
  • Provide process for quality assurance & oversight