“Ron has achieved independence that we had only dreamed about.”
Cynthia Haddad, sister

The Cooperative for Human Services has over 40 years of successful experience serving young adults as they transition from school to adult services. This major life transition can be stressful for families as they are often faced with the reality that there is a lack of flexible, individualized support service options available and funding from MA Department of Developmental Disabilities, MA Rehabilitation Commission, MA Department of Public Health and other disability agencies is limited or unavailable.

To help individuals and family members to successfully respond to these funding challenges, CHS has developed Turning 22 housing and support service options for students with special needs and their family members. CHS clinicians and specialists help to assess their family member’s needs and then work with each family to develop a community living plan that meets their personal vision for the future.

Using creative housing and financing models, our goal at CHS is to develop a partnership with each person/family to create a plan for community living. Community Living and Housing options include 24 hour residential services, supported living in an apartment or condo and/or in-home supports when the individual with special needs will remain living at home with their family. Our expert staff:

  • Use personal interviews, observations and comprehensive assessment tools to help families determine each individual’s specific support needs.
  • Develop a person-centered plan that meets each student’s/family’s needs, emphasizing housing options that are affordable and promote independence, inclusion and new directions.
  • Assist with referrals to other organizations and providers, including legal, financial and guardianship specialists to help families with future planning.
  • Provide information, guidance, workshops and other family supports to support the transition process.

Turning 22 Service Options

Community Residences: CHS has 50 community residences serving over 140 individuals with intellectual, developmental, medical and behavioral disabilities. Each home provides 24 hour staff supports for 2 to 5 residents. Residences include apartments, condominiums, single and multi family homes. Housing may be rented, privately owned or shared with another family or roommate.

Individual Supports Program: Over 150 individuals are able to live independently in the community with direct, part time staff support services provided in our Individual Supports Program. Staff assist individuals with performing household chores, shopping, paying bills and budgeting, using government and community services, developing friendships, work relations and taking care of medical and health care needs.

In addition to transitioning students who are leaving special education, this program also provides transitional supports for adults moving from 24 hour residential supports to living independently in the community. CHS can also provide supports to individuals who are working in local community businesses.

Choices Program: In this Agency with Choice service model, participants and their families co-manage services in partnership with CHS. This program model is designed to supplement other services for individuals living at home with their families or as an alternative to traditional residential and day program service models.

Transitional Living Model: The CHS Transitional Living Model provides a flexible, cost effective and inclusive community living experience for individuals with varying supports needs. In this model, CHS oversees multiple separate housing units within one residential setting, such as a 2, 3 or 4 family home, an apartment building, or a condominium community. Individuals served live in their own home, but share staff, amenities and support services, designed to meet each person’s unique needs.

For example, CHS has a 2 family home in Arlington, MA that serves 4 adults with disabilities. One unit is a 24 hour staffed residence for 2 individuals who have significant support needs. A full time, live-in CHS manager resides in this unit and is also responsible for supporting 2 housemates who live independently in the home’s other unit. Individuals in both homes often share meals and participate in activities with each other.

The Corporate Guardianship Program: CHS provides advocacy and legal guardianship services for over 100 adults who receive services from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Developmental Services.