Thea started to feel that her old job was unrewarding. According to her, her work was never recognized. Even though she was a loyal team member, her years of hard work unfortunately had no payoff.

In her job hunt, she found us, Cooperative for Human Services. Our mission that aligned with her value of helping others made her apply for a role here. She saw a career path where there was room to grow! And of course, being rewarded for aiding those who need it most is always a win-win in her book! Making a positive difference in someone else’s life is extremely important to Thea as she has received help from others in the community. This is her way of giving back.

Not only is there an opportunity to grow with us, but we want our staff to be comfortable—to be themselves and belong. @ CHS, we take care of our staff so that they, in turn, can take care of others.