Choices: An Agency With Choice Program

Cooperative for Human Services offers people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities the opportunity to direct and control specific aspects of their services through our Choices Program.  In this service model, participants and their families co-manage services, sharing the responsibility for supports with CHS.  Funds must be approved by the MA Department of Developmental Services specifically for the Choices Program. The program is also available on a private pay basis. This program model is designed to supplement other services for individuals living at home with their families or as an alternative to traditional residential and day program service models.

Choices staff work together with the person served and their family to develop a service agreement. The service agreement describes the role and related responsibilities of the participant, the family, and CHS. It also establishes the foundation for a successful partnership, identifying the selected services, personal goals, schedule of supports, as well as the care provider(s), who is jointly chosen by the person served, his or her family and CHS. In this service model, individuals and families are empowered to direct and control their own services without the administrative responsibilities of serving as employer, trainer and fiscal agent.

Services can take place in many different locations based upon where and how the goal is best accomplished. The Choices program connects formal supports to the learning and community living experience.

Services include:

  • Respite (in the family home or home of care provider)
  • Adult Companionship (supervision, socialization & assistance with activities of daily living)
  • Individualized Home Supports (personal care, activities of daily living, finance, health & wellness, leisure & recreation, self advocacy, etc.)
  • Community/Residential Peer Support (individual or small group instruction in self advocacy, leadership & civic responsibilities)
  • Individualized Day Supports (supporting employment opportunities, meaningful community participation and/or retirement activities)

There is a world of possibilities for people with disabilities to live full and meaningful lives within their communities. At the Cooperative for Human Services, our passion is to explore and achieve those possibilities with each person we serve.