Residential Services Program

“Our goal is to assist each person we serve with living a personally meaningful and enjoyable life.”

At Cooperative for Human Services, we have a passion for what’s possible. We specialize in the design and delivery of services and programs that are tailored to the unique needs of each person we serve.  We offer a variety of different living arrangements for adolescents, adults and elders with disabilities that range from part time individual support services, shared living and 24 hour supervised residential homes.

These program models provide a continuum of services and accommodate a wide range of support needs including services designed to support people who may have multiple disabilities, complex medical and/or behavioral health needs, and whose needs are changing as a result of aging or other circumstances. We also design flexible residential supports that provide a bridge and formal transition to living with greater independence in the community.

Our residential living services:

  • reflect each person’s interests, preferences and needs.  Living spaces are practical to accommodate a wide variety of adaptive equipment yet personalized, comforting, and gently stimulating (as appropriate) through the use of color, texture and lighting;
  • provide an oasis of comfort, care and rejuvenation while fostering personal independence and success;
  • encourage people to participate in personal routines, share in household responsibilities and explore recreational activities at a pace matched to individual ability and current health and medical status.