The Cooperative for Human Services works in partnership with each individual served and their family members to provide a quality community living experience that promotes independence, inclusion and new directions. We actively encourage family members and friends to be involved as full partners in the care and well being of your loved one.

At CHS, you can expect that we will:

  • listen to your concerns and preferences
  • resolve any problems in a timely and professional manner
  • effectively communicate pertinent issues
  • plan for new and/or future support needs for you and your family member

CHS staff are caring, dedicated and well trained. We understand that everyone wants a home that reflects their own personal interests and tastes. We strive to develop solid working relationships and trusting partnerships with family members, guardians and friends. This team approach to services is a critically important component to the overall quality of services at CHS.

Family Support Services

  • Comprehensive Individual and Family Orientation with Information Packet
  • The CHS newsletter, website, Face book page and program brochures
  • Quarterly Family Meetings at each residential program
  • Events such as our Signature Summer BBQ’s for family members and siblings
  • Annual Satisfaction Survey and Report
  • Family Forums (Small focus groups of family members discuss services and projects)

Families have an open invitation and are actively encouraged to visit their family member’s home, share meals and participate in special activities or events. We encourage active family involvement and believe that the more involved you are, the better we can serve your family member.

You can expect that a staff member will contact you on a weekly basis (or more frequently if necessary) by phone or email to update you about the well-being, activities and services your family member receives. We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions, so please contact us whenever there is a concern.