“Our goal is to assist each person we serve with living a personally meaningful and enjoyable life.”

Over the past four decades, Cooperative for Human Services has developed many creative and innovative housing models to meet the individualized needs and preferences of adults with special needs and their family members. Our core values and person-centered philosophy is evident in all of our homes and supports which:

  • Reflect each person’s interests, preferences and needs
  • Provide private living areas that are practical and personalized, comforting, and gently stimulating (as appropriate) through the use of color, texture and lighting
  • Provide an oasis of comfort, care and rejuvenation, while fostering personal independence and success
  • Encourage people to participate in personal routines, share in household responsibilities and explore recreational activities at a pace that matches each individual’s ability, skills and health status

At CHS, we provide services using a team approach. Our managers, support staff and clinicians work in partnership with each individual, their family members and friends to fulfill each person’s dream of living in ‘a home of their own. Individuals are encouraged to make positive and healthy decisions that are consistent with the goals they establish.

24 Hour Residential Model

At CHS a typical 24-hour residential home serves 4 to 5 adults matched by age, interests, preferences, compatibility and support service needs. Most of our homes are located in eastern Massachusetts communities within urban or residential neighborhood settings. Staff supports vary depending on the needs and desires of the individuals served.

In this model, each individual served has his or her own bedroom. Most homes also have at least 2 bathrooms. Most of our homes are also fully accessible. Homes are located near public transportation when available. Each residence also has an agency vehicle for community access to attend appointments, social/recreational activities and events.

The home’s common areas include:

  • A comfortably furnished living room with media and computer areas
  • A well appointed dining area
  • A fully equipped, modern kitchen
  • A laundry area
  • An outdoor area with a BBQ and outdoor furnishings
  • Adaptive and assistive equipment and devices based on each person’s needs

Individual Supports Model

At Cooperative for Human Services, we believe that home is the touchstone for each one of us as we venture out into the world to pursue our dreams. Home is a safe haven; a comfortable place to relax and enjoy favorite belonging to your community and being welcomed at the local library, gym or grocery store.

Our Individual Support Program provides flexible services (part or full time) that help individuals with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities successfully transition to and maintain independent living in the community. Individuals can live alone, with a housemate(s) of their own choosing or share a home with a non-disabled support person.

Cooperative for Human Services’ success comes from our ability to establish long-term, trusting relationships with each of the people we serve and their family members. Most importantly, knowing that we are always available, either by phone or in person allows each person served to build confidence in themselves and their ability to live independently.

Support services are designed to meet each person’s needs:

  • Services can be easily added, changed or adjusted as necessary
  • Support hours can be established on a daily or weekly basis
  • Individuals served are empowered to direct and control their own services
  • Support and encouragement is provided from peers, staff and family members

Services available:

  • Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Personal care & support
  • Clinical and behavioral support
  • Outreach assistance
  • Case coordination
  • 24 hour on-call response
  • Individual & group counseling
  • Self–advocacy group
  • Recreation & leisure support
  • On-going direct supports:
    • Homemaker Services
    • Housekeeping
    • Budgeting/paying bills
    • Health care coordination
    • Community skill building

The Individual Supports program offices and Community Center are located in Malden, MA. The Community Center serves as a place where individuals are encouraged to gather and build peer connections; share information and resources; and connect to other community services, including volunteer opportunities.

Transitional Living Models

The CHS Multi-Family Residential Living Model provides a flexible, cost effective and inclusive community living experience for individuals with varying supports needs. In this model, CHS oversees multiple separate housing units within one residential setting, such as a 2, 3 or 4 family home, an apartment building, or a condominium community. Individuals served live in their own home, but share staff, amenities and support services, designed to meet each person’s unique needs.

For example, CHS has a two-family home in Arlington, MA that serves 4 adults with disabilities. One unit is a 24 hour staffed residence for two individuals who have significant support needs. A full time, live-in CHS manager resides in this unit and is also responsible for supporting two housemates who live independently in the home’s other unit. Individuals in both homes often share meals and activities with each other, as well as certain recreation, sports and leisure events out in the community.

Agency with Choice Model

In this service model, participants and their families co-manage services provided in the family home in partnership with CHS. The Agency With Choice Model is designed to supplement other services for individuals living at home with their families or as an alternative to traditional residential and day program service models. Respite care, community services, recreation and social services are available, as well as homemaker, educational and behavioral services.

Services also include:

  • Adult Companionship (supervision, socialization & assistance with activities of daily living)
  • Individualized Home Supports (personal care, activities of daily living, finance, health & wellness, leisure & recreation, self advocacy, etc.)
  • Community/Residential Peer Support (individual or small group instruction in self advocacy, leadership & civic responsibilities)
  • Family Navigation (information & direction to access community resources and services, promoting natural supports, development of contingency plans and development of collaborative family networks)
  • Individualized Day Supports (supporting employment opportunities, meaningful community participation and/or retirement activities).

CHS staff develop solid working relationships with individuals, family members and guardians—a critically important component that assures the best life plan for your family member. At CHS we all have a passion for what’s possible.

There is a world of possibilities for people with disabilities to live full and meaningful lives within their communities. At Cooperative for Human Services, our passion is to explore and achieve those possibilities with each person we serve. We know from experience that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities flourish and grow with the right supports and care from staff, friends and family members.

Creative Financing

Everyone deserves to have a home of their own. Home is a safe haven; a comfortable place to relax and enjoy favorite activities; and a place to entertain friends and family. Home is also about making new friends, belonging to your community and being welcomed at the local library, park or grocery store.

Using a combination of fee for service, housing subsidies and government funds, our goal is to partner with each person served and their family members to develop an individually designed, person-centered, quality community living experience. At CHS, individuals and families can expect that our dedicated staff will actively work with each family in a confidential and professional manner to develop and deliver services that meet your current and future support needs.

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