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Make A Change In Yourself & Others!

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Syed has done a lot of thinking in his life. Throughout his childhood he has felt strong empathy for others and has always found ways to give back through community programs, and volunteer work. Now more than ever, he wants to support others who might need a helping hand, but through his career. He felt that a role which was the best of both worlds is the way to go! This would allow him to put more time into empowering others overall (through his career and volunteered time).

The header text exclaims, "My World Changed!" Syed is smiling and looks content! He's quoted as having said, "My change was found @ C H S! The possibilities are endless to change my world."

Syed believes that spreading positivity empowers him in turn, too! He enjoys creating strong bonds with others and has made many life-long friendships through his work, which fills him with motivation. With us, he’s able to continue this more directly and considers our clients as family. Not only is he meeting their needs, but getting to know who they really are FOR who they are—their wants; hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes, too.

@ CHS, our staff build greater connections. They do the most in ensuring others get the help that they need no matter how “small” or “big” those things may seem.

Join us to be part creating change! Apply on online through our Careers Page Here. If you’d like to discuss available roles, give us a call and ask for Katie @ (781)879-9339.

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Start a New Life Here @ CHS

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Header text reads, "Rethink Your Life." Nia is looking straight at us, leaning herself against the counter with her arms crossed. She's quoted as saying "I want to turn my life around and rethink my career."

Header text says, "It's an easy choice..." Nia is on the her tablet, reading about Cooperative of Human Services. She agrees with our mission and decided to apply online.

Nia has been a part of the food service industry for years and has decided it was time for a change of pace. She still wanted a flexible career that would work with her regular schedule, but wanted to find a way to connect with others better—a way to serve and help others in new ways and to become more personable.

She saw one of our bus advertisements and read up about us through our website! Our mission statement felt right to her and from there she applied through our website on our Careers Page.

Nia was a delight to speak to and immediately we knew she was right for a role with Cooperative for Human Services. The best part was that we were able to get her in contact with a client in her community, meaning an easy commute that doesn’t affect her daily schedule. We were able to come up with a work schedule that would suit them both, as well!

Caring for our members in turn of them caring and supporting others. @ CHS, we work better together. Not only do benefits start on day one, but we make sure that we fully discuss all terms with our employees.

Want a flexible career that works for you? Call us @ (781)879-9339 to learn more. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the roles we have available. Go here if you’re ready to apply: Careers Page Here.

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The header text exclaims, "My New Life is Here!" Nia is smiling and ready for her new role. She says. "I got the management job at C H S and start my new career on Monday!"


Find a Rewarding Career @ CHS

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The header text states, "Be Rewarded". Sofia is depicted distraight as she looks down at her paperwork. She's quoted saying. "I work long hours but feel no appreciation." Sofia, like many other of our staff, shares a similar story. She often worked long hours to make ends meet. Although it was tiring, she would do her best and put in all of her effort in the hopes of moving up the ladder bit by bit. Unfortunately, her work was never recognized here, leaving her to believe that it was time to create a new path where she could continue to learn and grow from. To her, it was a sign to change careers.

The header text exclaims. "A Rewarding Career!" Sofia is smiling and content. She's quoted here as saying. "Staring Monday, I'll finally have the recognition I deserve @ CHS."

Sofia found out about us through our ads. She decided to apply online and followed up with one of our team members, Katie, through the phone.

The header text asks, "Getting Rewarded?" Sofia is online on her tablet, searching for new roles. She's quoted saying, "After calling CHS I see how they recognize and reward people"

Through our talk with Sofia, we found that she was interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or social work. She felt that working with us would put her a step in that direction! Even better to her was the fact that we provide training to our new staff members!

Looking for a new field to make a career out of? Want to know more about us at Cooperative for Human Services? Give Katie a call at (781)879-9339 to see if we’re a good fit for you. If you’re ready to apply, fill out the online application on the careers page here: Careers Page Here.

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Belong @ CHS

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The header text asks, "Feel like you belong". Our staff, Ada is seen resting the side of her head on her folded-up arm. She looks contemplative. She is quoted as having said, "I don't feel like this is the right place for me."

Ada didn’t feel like she belonged at her workplace for a long time. She really wanted to do something more for herself and find a career path that she belonged to–somewhere she’d fit right in and would align with her principles! For her, it was the perfect time to switch gears. It was time for to to find a place where she could continue to learn & grow. The header text says, "I need to change..." Ada is quoted as saying, "I applied at C H S, ready to belong to something better." She is smiling, knowing that she's taken her pathway into her own hands.

Ada has always wanted to support her community but was never sure how should could make a career out of it. That’s how she found us, Cooperative for Human Services! @ CHS, we work together as a team to support and counsel our clients in the community. We come together to empower others.

After accepting a role with us, Ada was trained to work with those of different abilities. In addition to being trained, she was able to bring her own skills to the table such as painting. These skills have been introduced to the people she’s worked with! Many were able to realize their knack for the arts, giving them a broader scope of their capabilities.

It’s talented and fun staff members like Ada who bring out the best in our clients. For that reason, we @ CHS, are extremely grateful for our workers and counselors. Benefits start your first day!

Do you have skills and hobbies that you can bring to CHS? Love reading, watching movies, or enjoying a good football game? Now’s your chance to share those interests with community members! Give Katie a call at (781)879-9339 or fill out our online application on the careers page here: Careers Page

The header text exclaimes, "I Now Belong!". Ada is quoted saying, "It's a great feeling to belong. the change is amazing." She's seen smiling!

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You are THE Difference @ CHS!

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The header text asks, "Making a Difference?" CHS team memebr, Marli is see looking stressed out at her desk, with her hands clasped. She rests her face on her clasped hands. Marli is quoted having said, "I wanted my work to be appreciated"

Marli is seen on the phone applying to a role at Cooperativer for Human Services. She's quoted saying, "I called Katied at CHS and applied over the phone."

Like many others, Marli’s hard work ethic went unnoticed at her previous employer. This affected her self-esteem, especially with the high demand and pressure she faced. Time and time again, it’s been proven that recognition and well-rounded benefits boost employee morale greatly! Taking care of our employees comes first, so that they can do their best in caring and supporting others in turn.

Marli found Cooperative for Human Services in her search for a new role. She gave us a call to discuss the roles we had available. Marli then felt that she would be a good candidate for a career in management and decided to move forward with applying @ CHS. Today, we have awesome employees like Marli. We let them know their hard work is truly appreciated by us and the families that they support.

Feel like you’re fit for a role @ Cooperative for Human Services? Let’s talk! Call Katie at (781)879-9339 to ask about career opportunities. Or, jump right into our online application on the careers page here: Careers Page Here.

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Marli is pictured overjoyed with her hands in the air. She's smiling wide. She's quoted as saying, "I like that CHS recognizes my hard work and efforts."

Want a Rewarding Career?

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Header text asks, "Rewarding Career?". A quote from staff member, Thea, states, "I want to feel rewarded by helping otheres be themselves." The header text says, "Rewarding career..." while Thea is quoted having said, "I felt that at CHS I could also be myself." Thea is pictured at a desk on her laptop as she applies to Cooperative online.

Thea started to feel that her old job was unrewarding. According to her, her work was never recognized. Even though she was a loyal team member, her years of hard work unfortunately had no payoff.

In her job hunt, she found us, Cooperative for Human Services. Our mission that aligned with her value of helping others made her apply for a role here. She saw a career path where there was room to grow! And of course, being rewarded for aiding those who need it most is always a win-win in her book! Making a positive difference in someone else’s life is extremely important to Thea as she has received help from others in the community. This is her way of giving back.

Not only is there an opportunity to grow with us, but we want our staff to be comfortable—to be themselves and belong. @ CHS, we take care of our staff so that they, in turn, can take care of others.

The header text exclaims, "Rewarding Career!". Thea is quoted saying, "At CHS they care about me while I care about others."

You deserve a rewarding career. At Cooperative for Human Services, benefits begin the FIRST DAY for our employees! Interested in a role with us? Apply online at our Careers Page Here.

You can also give our CHS staff member, Katie a call at (781)879-9339. Read more about who we are here.

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An Easy Choice: Help Those Who Need It Most

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Kaiya did some rethinking in her life! She is smiling, while the header text states, "It's an Easy Choice..." followed by a quote from Kaiya; "Now I will be able to help those who need it most."Kaiya did some rethinking on her career path. She decided that she wanted to be in a role that lined up with her values. Her goal has always been to be a strong community member and give back in any way that she could. She wanted to guide those who needed a helping hand. Everyone deserves a support system!

When Kaiya saw management roles available @ CHS, she applied right away as our mission and beliefs resonated with her. We’re proud of our team members like Kaiya, who continue to show they care.

Want to see yourself in a field where you can also help others? Begin applying online to Cooperative for Human services on our Careers Page Here!

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At CHS, We Recognize Your Talents

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Malaika looks frustrated and contemplative. The header text asks, "Feel like you belong?". This is followed by a quote from Malaika, "I need a more engaging work life. I need more." Malaika is smiling and enjoying life. The header text exclaims, "My World Changed!" Malaika is quoted having said, "At CHS my talents are recognised and I finally have more."Malaika was in a position where she didn’t feel like she fit in well or belonged. Work was always the same and not engaging. It felt like her work often went unrewarded. She wanted to be part of something bigger and do more for her community!

Malaika found us, Cooperative at Human Services, and decided to give Katie a call to discuss the roles available. Management roles here piqued her interest so she applied, eager to transition to a new part of her life.

We’re so excited to have passionate people like Malaika join our team and give back Malaika is on the phone. Header text states, "I need to change..." while she is quoted as saying ,"I gave Katie at C H S a call to apply for a management role."to the community. Here, we recognized the time, care, and effort our employees put in!

See yourself in a role that can support your local community, too? Join us @ CHS! We’d love to discuss the opportunities we have available with you. Call Katie at (781)879-9339. Begin your online application on our Careers Page Here. Follow our social media and blog for other stories! Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Be THE Difference!

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Samuel is shown with the back of his head resting on his raised arms. He's frustrated. The header text says, "Making a Difference?" while he's quoted as saying, "I want to make a difference through my career." Samuel has always felt the need to make a difference. He valued uplifting others throughout his life and and thought, why not through his career as well?

He took a giant leap of faith and applied to a role in management with us, Cooperative for Human Services! Our online application was easy to fill, giving him some confidence along the way. Now he has a place to make a difference.

All of our staff are hardworking folks who want to make a change in themselves and others. It’s about empowerment for our clients AND our team members.

Want to make a difference, too? Better yet, do you want to be THE difference, too? We value supporting each other, responsibility, ethics, and learning. Check out more of our mission and to see if we’re a perfect fit for you.

Samuel is pictured on his laptop applying to role at Cooperative For Human Services. The header says, "Make a Difference..." and he's quoted as saying, "I applied online at CHS, a company that cares for others."

Samuel is smiling ear-to-ear! The header states, "I am the Difference!" and he's said that "Now I AM te difference. and happier."

If you’re interested in joining us, please check out our Careers Page or call (781)879-9339 and ask for Katie!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Need a Rewarding Career?

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Photo of Irene to the left. She looks stressed out while holding her head.Header text states "Rewarding Career?". Quoted text says, "I want to feel more valued with a rewarding career."

Looking for a rewarding career? So was Irene! She was extremely stressed out from her previous job where she felt there was no opportunity to move up the career ladder, no matter how hard she worked.

Irene looks happy as she applies @ CHS through our online application. Header text says "Rewarding career..." She is quoted saying, "I applied for a management position online @ CHS."

She found us, Cooperative for Human Services, Inc. online and looked into our mission. She felt that promoting individuality and empowering others was right up her alley. Our mission aligns with her goals! And of course, becoming a valued team member was a win-win in her book.

Irene is smiling and appears happier. Header exclaims, "Rewarding Career!". Irene says, "I am now truly valued @ CHS, a company that cares."

Stop by our careers page https://cooperativeforhs.org/careers and give Katie a call at (781)879-9339. Ask us about available roles

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