Cooperative For Human Services announced that it received renewal of its two-year License and Certification from the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Office of Quality Enhancement.  The company met 100% of the required licensing indicators and 98% of the certification indicators, which continues the organization’s legacy of achieving consecutive, outstanding ratings for over a decade.

In a published report released by the Department of Developmental Disabilities, numerous commendations were noted including, “All of the people surveyed were very well supported to maintain relationships with family and friends. Of particular note was staff knowledge and support for people’s friend and family relationships.  Staff were very knowledgeable about who was important in people’s lives and were instrumental in maintaining relationships.” 

 The commendations also focused on the organization’s use of technologies that encourage greater independence for the individuals served.  “There was significant evidence that people were supported through the use of a variety of assistive devices or tools to enable them to maintain independence.”

The report summarized its findings about the company, The agency continues to support responsive, robust and effective quality assurance and strategic planning processes, enabling CHS to look critically at itself, and its services.  …behavior plans, human rights, healthcare and related supports received a met rating reflecting the effectiveness of clinical/nursing oversight/systems, as well as the attention and training of direct care staff and program managers.”  

At the conclusion of the DDS Service Enhancement Meeting  which serves as a recap of the quality enhancement process with CHS staff, Steve Goldberg, QE Team Leader, summarized his findings on a personal note by stating that he found a “very positive vibe in the company and more importantly, that the people served are happy.” His team members unanimously agreed. The complete report is available at