Cooperative for Human Services Inc. operates under the deeply held belief that all people have dignity and value. We work to ensure each person we support, in any of our programs, is given the fullest opportunity for social inclusion and is encouraged to make independent choices.

Learning each individual’s story, their likes and their dislikes, is crucial in designing services unique to the needs of that particular person. Understanding that person’s story enables us to develop an individualized plan that allows for the continuation of activities while expanding interests.

The opening of our ABI program and acquisition of our Dartmouth Street Hall and the Farm, have each provided unique and unexpected benefits. Each location is providing greater opportunities for the people we serve than we first envisioned. We find that we are able to do much more for the individuals we support than we had hoped.

An incredible amount of effort has gone into making Dartmouth Street Hall a place where everyone feels welcome. The Hall is large enough to include each individual, regardless of the intensity of supports needed.

The fully accessible design of our ABI program makes socializing and group activities more open, enabling us to offer a greater variety of programming.

Our work to revitalize the Farm is endless but, helping to care for the animals, or in the gardens, taking a hike on the trails or just sitting in the open space of the Farm offers those we serve a sense of calm and of belonging.

The design and development of person specific services, our caring, supportive staff and the CHS belief in inclusion for all individuals, encourages them to become more inspired and explore new opportunities while remaining connected to the things they enjoy.