Like many others, Marli’s hard work ethic went unnoticed at her previous employer. This affected her self-esteem, especially with the high demand and pressure she faced. Time and time again, it’s been proven that recognition and well-rounded benefits boost employee morale greatly! Taking care of our employees comes first, so that they can do their best in caring and supporting others in turn.

Marli found Cooperative for Human Services in her search for a new role. She gave us a call to discuss the roles we had available. Marli then felt that she would be a good candidate for a career in management and decided to move forward with applying @ CHS. Today, we have awesome employees like Marli. We let them know their hard work is truly appreciated by us and the families that they support.

Feel like you’re fit for a role @ Cooperative for Human Services? Let’s talk! Call us at (781)879-9339 to ask about career opportunities. Or, jump right into our online application on the careers page here: Careers Page Here.

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